Wednesday, 1 February 2006

O's new speech therapist

O's speech therapist left last week on maternity leave so today was his first appointment with Ann-Sophie. It was her first appointment in the job too - poor love. She had a child whose name she had never seen before and to boot he was of British origin! Anyway - it must have gone OK as O gave her a kiss at the end of it!

I am not yet sure what I think of her - I don't stay for the appointments as the dual language makes it hard on O (he always speaks english with me). Time will tell!

She can...

walk I am sure but Little Miss finds it much quicker to crawl. F has taken upto 5 steps on her own and behind her pushchair or holding onto her cow or one hand she will happily walk. But she doesn't want to do so regularly. I admit it is driving me mad. O walked in two days at the age of ten months - whereas F has been like this for over 3months. I am eager mainly because when we go pick O up from school I end up carrying F for over 30minutes - and she is getting heavier and heavier!

One day soon........................................