Tuesday, 5 February 2008

The first report

F got her first school report this past weekend! We totally didn't expect it! She is doing just fine - this last term she has really settled in and integrated! It helps that now she totally understands French and is also speaking it! There were a few areas she could improve on - such as her listening to ALL the instructions but overall we were really pleased!

F is still a little clingy at times in the morning - but she now does voluntarily go in (before I literally had to hand her over - she wouldn't be crying but she wasn't going to let go of my hand). Whn I pick her up early for her speech therapy she is always happily playing the the playground so I do know that she is OK - doesn't stop me worrying though. In a lot of ways she is a lot stronger character than O (who has never been clingy) bu she does seem to lack some confic=dence away from the family. I guess I put it down to ger speech still being not 100% so at times she struggles to be understood. She isn't going to school tomorow morning (half day tomorrow) as she has speech therapy and then the doctors at 10.30am - she is coughing again and her eye is gunky.