Saturday, 29 September 2007

Almost payday!

After six years with no payday, next week should see an small increase in our bank account THANKS TO ME!!! Woohoo!! It isn't much but it makes me feel happy to have contributed to the household finances. Work is going well - I think! I have five regular classes each week (12h of teaching) plus if there are any intensives then I may get additional hours too. While it doesn't sound much, with preparation time it is enough! The main thing is that I am enjoying it - even this week when I have been sick!

Talking of being sick, J took F back to the doctors today. despite the antibiotics her cough wasn't sounding any better - if anything it sounded worse. We were right to go - it has gone onto her chest. She has stronger antibiotics plus she is back on he becotide/ventoline route. On a plus note, she has a little friend in her class - Bertille (a girl - just in case you are wondering!!) I think finally she is enjoying school!

O had his first swim class today - he was, as usual, apprehensive beforehand but came out saying it was fantastic! I just hope that this is the push he needs to get him swimming properly and confidently. With a pool at home he should already be but J and i find it impossible to teach him and he gets lazy on us - though with others he will do so much more!

Happy weekend!

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

It is the little things!

This morning I don't feel wonderful. I saw the doctor last night and I have bronchitus. Thankfully I am not working again until Thursday so I can put my feet up today and just relax!

After dropping the children off at school I went to the pharmacy to pick up my antibiotics and on the way back home, while waiting at the roundabout, a bus carrying O went past! He saw me and his grin was a sight to behold! Made my day! And why was he on a bus? His class has 8 weekly ice skating classes and today is the first class. He was so excited today!

Not to be left out, F also has a trip today - to a vineyard (start them young!!)to pick grapes!

Saturday, 22 September 2007

The rentree bug

Usually it is the children who come down with a bug at the start of term - this time it is me! They have been coughing a little but nothing that bad that they have been complaining. Me, on the other hand, seems to have caught the flu. I should say that I am the ox in this family. All around me can be sick and I will be fine. This time my defences must be low as whatever I have has knocked me for six. I have just about managed to work bu today after a rough night (where I even decamped to the very uncomfortable spare bed)I have taken not one but TWO naps! Once this morning after encouraging O to watch TV (F was at gym with J) and then once F went for her nap (the boys have gone to an adventure park for the afternoon - we had tickets for it that needed to be used this weekend) I had another two hour nap - unheard of for me. I still feel completely wiped out and have resorted to letting F watch Dora!

Here's hoping that whatever is in my system is out of it soon. I hate feeling sick (and I am so not a good patient!) And fingers crossed that the children (or even worse J!!) don't get it!

Monday, 17 September 2007

Into the groove

It is hard this work thing! Well not so much just the work but the juggling that goes on all around. I know I am not saying anything new and I am in a lucky position to live in a place that has a good pre-school care system and a husband who does a lot. Even so, I am tired!

F was up last night - not something that happens often but she needed a cuddle. Then this morning was the usual running around to get two children and one Mum out of the house to school. F at least did not start crying until we actually went INTO the garderie at school which is an improvement on last week! Then I rush down to near the Cite d'espace for the first lesson of the day. How I love seeing the rocket - silly really but it always signifies to me a world far outside of anything I can imagine! Then after that a dash into the office to get ready for the next group. It was so close this afternoon too but opening the windows isn't really an option as the office is near to the end of the runway! After that lesson i dashed home, got drenched getting the washing in and then out again o a meeting at school where I learnt a bit more about O will be doing this year. Poor lad is going to have to endure English lessons - though they did assure me they put him in the best group. I think the teacher will have to be creative to keep him involved as otherwise it is going to be so very very boring for him. he is also starting ice skating next week which he is so excited about! F had a better day - so we are slowly getting there with her!

Came home, had dinner and then the children had a quick bath. O then had homework - his writing has come on so much! He writes all joined up so easily!

Now thankfully they are fast asleep and I am relaxing for the first time! It is fun though - and not so far until pay day!!!

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Back to school - and work!

What a week!

First event was "la rentree" on Tuesday. Both children started at a new school - it is the local private Catholic school. We chose this school rather than the public one mainly because both children were on the same site and they understood the Montessori method - O was in a Montessori maternelle.

O was so excited - he is so keen to learn to read and write properly. He literally ran into school! Poor lad though was at the back of the class due to the children going in alphabetically - and we are at the end of the alphabet! Apparently O was struggling to understand (I think he panicked a little as his French is superb) but the teacher had the forethought to move him forward and since then he has been great!

F didn't cry either - on the first day but did yesterday and today! It is a big transition for her - full days every day and all in French! She did come home on day one with "I need a caca"!! I think once we leave she is fine!

Today was my big day too - back to work. I think it went well (well they haven't complained yet!) - I did let it slip I was my first day back at work so they may be giving me a sympathy vote!! J got the children to school OK - but we do need to work out how to use the garderie - it won't be every day and certainly should never be both morning and afternoon but we do need to get it sorted!

It is nice to be back at work - and feeling that I am contributing to the household finances! Not that J has ever been bothered by the fact that he was the sole contributor to the coffers but it did bother me! Roll on the first pay day!

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Back to work

I have been a SAHM for six years now - virtually since O was born. For me there was no other choice - particularly as in Germany (where O was born)childcare was non-existant! F starts full time school next week and I knew that once that happened I would want to return to work. I just didn't expect it to happen quite so quickly!

Through a series of coincidences I have found myself gainfully employed as a English language trainer (which is what I did before the children were born (well since moving abroad that is!!). I will only be working three days a week which is just what I wanted. I will always have Wednesdays off (half day at school here) and one other day which will change. I DO still need to talk money with them (J thinks I should have already - I hate that bit though!!) but an ex-colleague of mine who works there said they paid more than where we both worked before - so hopefully it will be within my expectations!

I am nervous - it is a big step and to be honest it probably would have been better had it happened a month later so I could settle the children in school but it is a great opportunity to get back to work doing something I enjoy with a company that seems to be very flexible.

Wish me luck!