Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Hot bottoms and bubbles

The weekend away was great! We ended up in a 5 star hotel in Austria! The first night we had an 8 course meal - I have never had an eight course meal before. By course six I was stuffed and could barely manage more than a bite of the two desserts! I learnt from that and on the second night paced myself for the seven course meal!!! Couldn't miss dessert two nights running could I???

We went skiing in a resort that crosses the German/Austrian border. I knew whenever we were close to the border as my mobile phone provider would send me a SMS telling me I had changed providers!! The first day the snow was fabulous but we couldn't see much. Sunday the weather was sunny but the snow was a little crispy! What was fun about the resort though were the chair lifts. One of our friends with us (who was French and a very good skier) was amazed! First there were the little travellators - as you went through the gate you went on one which took you to the right place at supposedly the right time for the chair lift to pick you up. It has to be said though that one such travellator brought you very close to falling off the edge if you were a little too enthusiastic going through the gate! Next were the bubbles - many of the lifts had lids that kept the wind off - bliss! But best of all were the heated seats - nice warm bottom by the time you got to the top! Must try to encourage the local ski stations to invest in them!!

So that was our weekend in a nutshell! he children had a ball at granny's! Now all I need to do is work on granny for those 10 days in Boston we want to plan.......