Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Back to my roots!

Well my baking roots that is! I have hardly done any baking recently - with the return to work taking up much of my time I just haven't felt like it much! However this weekend I have no choice - I have to bake! First off on Saturday will be my Fridge Brownies - we are off to a Bonfire party and apparently the brownies have been requested by lots of people!

Sunday it is F's birthday party - there are five of her little shool friends plus two other friends who are coming. on the baking menu is a chocolate fudge cake (decorated with smarties - what else!), my mars bar cake (not sure if that really counts as baking) and some cookies (not yet decided what type!) Monday is her actual birthday - I am ever hopeful that my MIL who is looking after the two children on monday as we are both working will make one! Then on Tuesday I need to make a big enough cake for 27 children for her school party on Wednesday when they go back to school! I have booked a massage (a birthday present from J) on Wednesday morning - I might need it!

Friday, 26 October 2007

Lice, that's nice

Now don't start itching!

F has had her first dose - I had washed her hair and noticed an insect in there. I called J who looked at it, got his insect book and decided it was a nasty louse. We checked and couldn't find any more, but still washed all our hairs in the lice shampoo, changed all the beds, put all the towels through the wash and every night since I have been nit combing their hair - so far nothing found - fingers crossed!

My sister swears by tea tree oil as a means of keeping them away - so I have been dabbing it on their necks each morning. I just hope that all the other parents at school treat their children over the toussaint break so that we don't have to go through all the palaver again!

Sunday, 21 October 2007

A Rant

Those of you who know me know that I don't publically rant very often (J will say otherwise!!) But yesterday I was so annoyed that when poor J walked in the door after having been out all afternoon doing his stint at scouts I almost bit his poor head off. What was it that caused this unusual (really) burst? it was our neighbours. Actually when I say neighbours thay are actually market gardeners who have greenhouses on the land adjoining our house. First I have to say that local byelaws make it illegal to have a bonfire - unfortunately it seems that many of the local market gardeners (there are a lot round here owing to the good soil quality)totally ignore this ban. yesterday morning I did several loads of washing to clear the backlog. I hung it out to dry to take advantage of tis good weather. They lit a blinking bonfire - the wind took the billows of smoke right in the direction of my washing. It stank. I have had to wash it all again today and because the bonfire is STILL going dry it all in the dryer.


PS I hate doing the washing - which is why this has bugged me so much!

I forgot to say...

It is October- mid October (yes I know that you know that!!) On Wednesday we went into the pool - the outside pool! Granted, it has an "abri" ( a dome like cover) but we even pushed that back and swam in it for a good hour. O was thrilled. I admit it was a little cold at the start but we soon warmed up!

The weather has been amazing this month - while it is cold at night during the day we are getting t-shirt weather! Bliss!

Saturday, 13 October 2007

He can read!

Children in France start learning to read in CP - which they start in the September of the year they are six! O has really been picking up the sounds they have been doing (which has been hard for me as of course they are completely different that those in English!) and yesterday he had to do some reading for his homeowrk - and he read a whole sentence! It really is incredible to see him sounding out the words!

Well done my little man!

Friday, 12 October 2007

What a nice surprise!

It has been an incredibly busy week.J has been away virtually all week, my timetable for teaching was 6 h each day I worked, on my one day off (well child free day off!) I went skating with O's class and then in the afternoon I had to go to an induction meeting at work and then on Wednesday the children didn't have school. Add into that a blocked nose for F which meant she didn't sleep that well (she sucks her fingers so she can't breathe through her nose!) and you can imagine that I feel worn out!

So it was such a lovely surprise to come out of my class this morning to be told that my afternoon class has been cancelled - though I still get paid! Bliss - a quiet afternoon at home!