Friday, 26 October 2007

Lice, that's nice

Now don't start itching!

F has had her first dose - I had washed her hair and noticed an insect in there. I called J who looked at it, got his insect book and decided it was a nasty louse. We checked and couldn't find any more, but still washed all our hairs in the lice shampoo, changed all the beds, put all the towels through the wash and every night since I have been nit combing their hair - so far nothing found - fingers crossed!

My sister swears by tea tree oil as a means of keeping them away - so I have been dabbing it on their necks each morning. I just hope that all the other parents at school treat their children over the toussaint break so that we don't have to go through all the palaver again!


Robin said...

Yick. I start itching at the mere mention of the word. Horrible nasty creatures.

We use rosemary oil - a few dabs behind each ear and at the nape of the neck. Knock on wood, the wee beasties haven't been seen around here since we started despite having been in both kids' classes any number of times (the climate here makes them endemic). I also use butter as a remedy instead of the chemical shampoos (see

Good luck getting rid of them all, and don't forget to check and treat if need be again in about a week, in case there were any eggs that made it through.

Poppy Fields said...

We've had to deal with this, too. I use something like a rosemaary lavendar oil combination like Robin does. For the unfortunate big infestation I use POUXIT. Greasy hair, like with butter, helps get the eggs to slide off the follicules.
Knock on wood, so far so good this school year :)

Lesley said...

The first time I ever had head lice was after a visit from my nieces - I was 38! I found it whilst hair twiddling - not that it was difficult it being the size of a small dog. I combed myself practically bald!
My sister is continually on louse watch and swears by the Itty Gritty Nit Comb and Tea Tree Oil conditioner.