Sunday, 21 October 2007

A Rant

Those of you who know me know that I don't publically rant very often (J will say otherwise!!) But yesterday I was so annoyed that when poor J walked in the door after having been out all afternoon doing his stint at scouts I almost bit his poor head off. What was it that caused this unusual (really) burst? it was our neighbours. Actually when I say neighbours thay are actually market gardeners who have greenhouses on the land adjoining our house. First I have to say that local byelaws make it illegal to have a bonfire - unfortunately it seems that many of the local market gardeners (there are a lot round here owing to the good soil quality)totally ignore this ban. yesterday morning I did several loads of washing to clear the backlog. I hung it out to dry to take advantage of tis good weather. They lit a blinking bonfire - the wind took the billows of smoke right in the direction of my washing. It stank. I have had to wash it all again today and because the bonfire is STILL going dry it all in the dryer.


PS I hate doing the washing - which is why this has bugged me so much!


Robin said...

That would really frost me too!

And have a swim for me too - it's still tank top weather here, but the pool has just closed for the season (no top on it).

Poppy Fields said...

I have to close every window tight when a neighbor burns stinks so bad. And we live in a neighborhood where almost all the houses are "jumélé" so we are very close to their smoke. Yuck.

Jo said...

That drives me nuts, lots of it here.