Thursday, 31 January 2008


Why is it that the parcel that you are waiting for comes in the one morning you are out - it could have come yesterday (arrived at the depot yesterday morning - the joy of tracking!!) or this afternoon but no - it came this morning! I can't contact the transport company until tomorrow - hopefully they can deliver on Monday! And what is it I hear you ask - a new coffee machine. Our old one died a death at the weekend so I am having to make coffee using a cafetiere! I can't abide instant coffee. Anyway - we have ordered one that has a milk container so that it will make a latte without the need for me to hold the pipe into the milk! The container clips on and then can clip off and into the fridge! I can't wait! J is more interested in hearing whether his new zapper for the gate has arrived!! I think he has had to climb over the wall one or two times too many!

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

So my first day in my new job!

It went really well - it was tiring in that most of the day was spent listening to and speaking French - which I can do but am out of practice with! I was actually surprised in that I do have a desk and my very own laptop - though it does have a AZERTY keyboard rather than a QWERTY one! I am still trying to find the @ !!!

I really enjoyed it - lots to learn in respect of the actual software I will have to use but I was able to contribute lots of contructive ideas about how we can progress that hadn't been thought of before.

I will still be teaching for the time being - will have to see how that panes out! All in all a good day!

Monday, 28 January 2008

It has been a while!

I know, I know - bad me! I kept on meaning to post and then would get distracted!

So it is catch up time!

Christmas was fun - both kids really enjoyed their gifts - we got it spot on! They are now back at school! At last F seems to be happy about going! Though last week she was sick (coughing and a throat infection) which mean she missed several days. It was a bit tricky getting her back into the routine!

O continues to blow me away. He is now reading brilliantly! I am so proud of him! His end of term report was outstanding! It seems that he is well liked (especially by the girls), he works hard and is ahead of where he should be! He still has his moments - his current "behavoir" is complaining that "it isn't fair" - as in F got more cake etc etc. Our recation to this has now to be to actally give F whatever O complains (wrongly) that she has more of - and it is a tactic that is working!!!

Workwise - I am starting a "new" job tomorrow! Still with the same company but I am moving into the admin side of the business - which is what I used to do before children! I am looking forward to it - it is a move upwards! It will mean working eventually three full days - and very little actual teaching! Plus my written French will need to improve quickly! It is a good challenge though!

i will try to update more regularly - if only for my own self as no-one else seems to read it!!