Tuesday, 29 January 2008

So my first day in my new job!

It went really well - it was tiring in that most of the day was spent listening to and speaking French - which I can do but am out of practice with! I was actually surprised in that I do have a desk and my very own laptop - though it does have a AZERTY keyboard rather than a QWERTY one! I am still trying to find the @ !!!

I really enjoyed it - lots to learn in respect of the actual software I will have to use but I was able to contribute lots of contructive ideas about how we can progress that hadn't been thought of before.

I will still be teaching for the time being - will have to see how that panes out! All in all a good day!

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Robin said...

Other keyboards used to drive me batty when I traveled for work in the pre-laptop days. Turkey was the worst - the default "i" had no dot on top of it, to get a regular i I had to hit control-somethingorother. You can guess how many times I remembered to do that on the first try! V frustrating when you're in the middle of a 200-page report.

Glad you're first day was a good one.