Monday, 28 January 2008

It has been a while!

I know, I know - bad me! I kept on meaning to post and then would get distracted!

So it is catch up time!

Christmas was fun - both kids really enjoyed their gifts - we got it spot on! They are now back at school! At last F seems to be happy about going! Though last week she was sick (coughing and a throat infection) which mean she missed several days. It was a bit tricky getting her back into the routine!

O continues to blow me away. He is now reading brilliantly! I am so proud of him! His end of term report was outstanding! It seems that he is well liked (especially by the girls), he works hard and is ahead of where he should be! He still has his moments - his current "behavoir" is complaining that "it isn't fair" - as in F got more cake etc etc. Our recation to this has now to be to actally give F whatever O complains (wrongly) that she has more of - and it is a tactic that is working!!!

Workwise - I am starting a "new" job tomorrow! Still with the same company but I am moving into the admin side of the business - which is what I used to do before children! I am looking forward to it - it is a move upwards! It will mean working eventually three full days - and very little actual teaching! Plus my written French will need to improve quickly! It is a good challenge though!

i will try to update more regularly - if only for my own self as no-one else seems to read it!!


Robin said...

I read! I read!

Congratulations on your promotion Mel, well done.

Mel said...

Thanks Robin :)