Thursday, 31 January 2008


Why is it that the parcel that you are waiting for comes in the one morning you are out - it could have come yesterday (arrived at the depot yesterday morning - the joy of tracking!!) or this afternoon but no - it came this morning! I can't contact the transport company until tomorrow - hopefully they can deliver on Monday! And what is it I hear you ask - a new coffee machine. Our old one died a death at the weekend so I am having to make coffee using a cafetiere! I can't abide instant coffee. Anyway - we have ordered one that has a milk container so that it will make a latte without the need for me to hold the pipe into the milk! The container clips on and then can clip off and into the fridge! I can't wait! J is more interested in hearing whether his new zapper for the gate has arrived!! I think he has had to climb over the wall one or two times too many!

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