Wednesday, 19 October 2005

Ok, so I said...

that I love cooking and that is true. But somedays I can just not find that much inspiration. Especially on Wednesdays when O doesn't have school so I am busy doing things with him. Plus if I ask him what he would like his tastes are very simple - egg on toast, pasta with a tomato and cream sauce - easy stuff. So we had the latter today - and he wolfed it down. Actually it was hardly surprising he wolfed it down as lunch was a bit of an all round disaster. Even I couldn't eat it so we ended up having yoghurt and apples instead! It is very rare that that happens (honestly) but it just goes to show I can't be perfect all the time (yeah right!)

Tuesday, 18 October 2005

One reason I love living here...

is the planes. We live about 10km as the crow flies from the airport and more importantly Airbus (they share the runway). The biggest event this year was the first take off of the new superjumbo - the A280. As usual for these big eveents we were on holiday (but watched avidly on the TV - sad but true). Then by sheer chance we were on the other side of the factory the following week, saw a crowd of people and stopped - just in time to see it take off for its second flight. Amazing. And so very quiet. We have seen it come over the house too. Indeed we get lots of test flights over the house.

From the kitchen window we can see in the distance the planes taking off or coming into land. Cool! We are far awayenough that we get all the joy without all the noise!!

Another exciting day!

It will be a wonder if anyone actually ever gets engrossed in this blog as my life is so run of the mill. I do the same things day in day out. I guess that goes for a lot of SAHM. On school days I have to take and pick up O so that takes two hours out of the day. Then trying to get two naps in for F in the 6 and a half hours that are left can be a challenge! I am looking forward to when she goes down to one midday nap - will make life a little easier! I shouldn't complain though as she is such a good sleeper/napper! Unlike her big brother was at the same age! It is a wonder we ever had a second child!

I have actually been quite productive this morning - two lots of laundry, a grocery shop, making a sweet potato and bean stew for F and a roasted tomato one for the rest of us! F is of course napping (I never come on the computer when she isn't - she is way too much into things!!). It is miserable and grey - I think we will stay in this afternoon (well until we have to pick O up!). I think F gets fed up of being in the car so much. The joys of being the second child!

Monday, 17 October 2005

Another day, another week

The weekend always goes so quickly - then again if I am honest so does the week. Indeed I am still having problems believing that my little girl will soon be one - where did that year go to!

At school this morning I saw one of my friend's little baby boy who is just nine days old. I can't believe that F was ever that small but she was. He was lovely - with a headful of hair. Heck he probably has more hair that F does even now!! It was so lovely to see the baby - and I didn't have any envy pangs! I know our family is complete. F's pregnancy was hard and I really don't want to go through that again. Plus I am not getting any younger!!

So plans for today. Not much really! I have done two loads of laundry but the mist that was here this morning has just lifted to show grey skies! Might have to use the dryer! I have some veggies (parsnips, pumpkin and courgettes) roasting in the oven for F's lunch. After she has eaten I think we might drive over to Toysrus - a bit of a hike but I need some presents and it might be good to see what they have in stock! Dinner is easy tonight - reheated lasagne from yesterday for J and me and I will make a slamon lasagne for O that will aslo do as his lunch at school tomorrow!

Sunday, 16 October 2005

The weekend is almost over!

And today has been a really good day!

I spent the morning making two lasagnes and a chocolate gateau for lunch. Our friends arrived early (so by that alone you would know they were not French - who are reknown for always being late!!). They have two girls aged 5 and 7. They bought a Dora doll for O - it was one of theirs that they had grown out of. O was thrilled - as was F who was very partial to it.

Lunch was good - the cake was a big success. the three older children went into the garden to play and we effectively didn't see them again till 5.30pm! What bliss. Milestone for F today - she waved bye bye - too cute!

The weather has been glorious too - t-shirt warmth! I hope it lasts! That is one thing I love about being here - the weather is so much better! And us Brits are so obsessed about that subject - we can talk about it for hours (well perhaps not hours!)

Saturday, 15 October 2005

Ahhhhhh the weekend

I have had a bit of a cob on me today - not sure why! Poor J has taken the brunt of it. I have days like that.

This evening I went grocery shopping - all on my own. What a luxury! Who would had though pre-children that even wandering round the supermarket in peace would be such a treat!

I got all the things I need for lunch tomorrow - we are having friends over. I am doing two lasagnes - a roasted veg one and a spinach and ricotta cheese with pine nuts one. The first one is an old favourite - the other one is a new recipe. I will make a chocolate fudge cake as dessert!

I am tired so I guess I ought to think about sleep!!!

Friday, 14 October 2005

An unexpected trip to the dentist

So here I was, happily sitting at the computer surfing away, baby asleep again, J picking O up from school, a toffee in my mouth. I swallowed and realised all was not well. My back molar was broken.

Now I HATE the dentist and have been putting off going for the longest time. Now I had no choice. Unfortunately they could see me almost immediately. So I got F up and we went off to the office (after cleaning my teeth of course).

She thinks I lost the crown. I don't think there was a crown there but as we don't have any records - first time to this dentist, I will have to go with her opinion! So we have scheduled an appointment for a few weeks time to fix it.

Now that is something to really look forward to!

How very embarassing!

Oh my - almost had a disaster in a clothes shop today!

I should perhaps first explain that I am not the typical shape for French clothes. Although I am perfectly proportioned (in my eyes!) in that I am 5ft7 (170cm) and 143lbs (65kg) I do have a broad back and owing to breastfeeding my boobs are larger than they would be! I aslo have terrible problems understanding the French sizing! Well this shop sized tops as T1 to T4. I took a size T3 to try on of a top I liked. I got it on OK but could I get it off again? I was almost at the point of going to ask for some help when I managed to remove it - without ripping it!

Needless to say I made a sharp exit!

Almost the weekend...

Though I guess some would say it is always the weekend for me!

It is a cold and miserable day - such a change from last week when it was warm and sunny. I hope we don't end up with am autumn/winter like we did two years ago when it seemed to persistently rain.

As a result of the greyness I don't actually feel motivated to do much (but then again what is new with that!!). I did clean the ceiling in the bathroom this morning. It is strange - our house was really well built except for the fact that the bathroom lacks ventilation. So as J insists on shutting the door (and hence keeping all the hot damp air in there) mould forms on the ceiling above the shower which means I have to bleach it every now and again. Not really a big problem though except for today as I must have spilt some bleach on my top! Looking on the bright side at least it wasn't one of my favourite ones! Other than doing that (oh and one load of laundry - a necessary evil) my undomesticated goddess title is pretty apt today!

Once F is up from her nap and fed we need to go shopping. My MIL told me yesterday that my SIL and her family are going to hers for Christmas - and as were are visiting them next week it would be a good idea to get as many Christmas presents as possible to avoid having to post them (perhaps my blog should be called The Undomesticated Cheapskate Goddess!). I know what to get my two nephews but for my SIL and her hubbie - no idea! Hoping that something jumps out and hits me! No use depending on J for inspiration - heck I have to give him a list for me or I stand no chance!

So that is me for the minute - quite amazing what I can write about absolutely nothing!!

Thursday, 13 October 2005

So my first day as a blogger!

And another usual day in our household - O at school, F at home, and J at work! I did take F to the doctor's today as she still has a rash on her bum. So she was given more cream to hopefully help. The doctor thinks it is related to teething - she is just about to have one cut through (her fifth). She has been quite grumpy all day which is not like her at all.

O was in a strange mood when I picked him up from school. Quite whiny which he usually isn't. He has been having problems getting to sleep so it could be tiredness.

For dinner we had spagetti with roasted tomato sauce followed by warm double chocolate chip mini muffins (after O had first had some fruit!!) The sauce was a new way of doing it and it was good! The muffins were Ok - I have made better! A bit too dense and cakey for my liking!

Well almost bedtime here - J is doing last month's accounts to see how much we were in budget (or not as the case may be!!)

I guess I should introduce myself!


I am not even sure anyone will read this but it is perhaps a nice idea for me to get some thoughts on paper - a record of my life and that of my family!

So details - I am Mel, 37 years old and married to J. We have two children - a boy O who is four and a bit and a little girl F who is almost one. We are British (well we all have a British passport!) but we live in Toulouse in the south west of France. We have been here this time round since February 2003 and are settled here. I can't see us ever moving back to the UK - though never say never!

J works in the aeronautical industry (as most expats here seem to do in one way or another!!) and I am a SAHM. One day I would like to get back to work - what as is a different question and one I should explore in more depth another day! I used to be a lawyer but haven't done that since we left the UK back in the summer of 1996.

What do I like doing? J would probably say as little as possible and that is probably not far from the truth - not that I am lazy per se but I lack the motivation to do much - except baking and cooking in general!! I do love to read - trashy novels being the choice at the moment but I do occasionally read something that is far more intertesting and mind stretching! Though what doesn't immediately spring to mind! Travelling is another of my loves - probably part of the reason we have lived abroad for so long!

Of course my biggest love is my family! J and I have been married for 10 years - how time flies. We have our moments but in general we are very contented with the life we share. O is a sweetheart. He is such a kind and loving little boy. Currently we are having a few issues with being a bad sport but he is getting there! F is the most gorgeous contented little girl ever (not that I am at all biased). Her smile lights up a room. Now she is mobile you can really see her cheeky little personality shine through!

Ok - that will do for starters! Hopefully I will update this as much as I can - and hopefully it won't be too tedious for people to read - then again even if it is - tant pis