Friday, 14 October 2005

Almost the weekend...

Though I guess some would say it is always the weekend for me!

It is a cold and miserable day - such a change from last week when it was warm and sunny. I hope we don't end up with am autumn/winter like we did two years ago when it seemed to persistently rain.

As a result of the greyness I don't actually feel motivated to do much (but then again what is new with that!!). I did clean the ceiling in the bathroom this morning. It is strange - our house was really well built except for the fact that the bathroom lacks ventilation. So as J insists on shutting the door (and hence keeping all the hot damp air in there) mould forms on the ceiling above the shower which means I have to bleach it every now and again. Not really a big problem though except for today as I must have spilt some bleach on my top! Looking on the bright side at least it wasn't one of my favourite ones! Other than doing that (oh and one load of laundry - a necessary evil) my undomesticated goddess title is pretty apt today!

Once F is up from her nap and fed we need to go shopping. My MIL told me yesterday that my SIL and her family are going to hers for Christmas - and as were are visiting them next week it would be a good idea to get as many Christmas presents as possible to avoid having to post them (perhaps my blog should be called The Undomesticated Cheapskate Goddess!). I know what to get my two nephews but for my SIL and her hubbie - no idea! Hoping that something jumps out and hits me! No use depending on J for inspiration - heck I have to give him a list for me or I stand no chance!

So that is me for the minute - quite amazing what I can write about absolutely nothing!!


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