Tuesday, 18 October 2005

Another exciting day!

It will be a wonder if anyone actually ever gets engrossed in this blog as my life is so run of the mill. I do the same things day in day out. I guess that goes for a lot of SAHM. On school days I have to take and pick up O so that takes two hours out of the day. Then trying to get two naps in for F in the 6 and a half hours that are left can be a challenge! I am looking forward to when she goes down to one midday nap - will make life a little easier! I shouldn't complain though as she is such a good sleeper/napper! Unlike her big brother was at the same age! It is a wonder we ever had a second child!

I have actually been quite productive this morning - two lots of laundry, a grocery shop, making a sweet potato and bean stew for F and a roasted tomato one for the rest of us! F is of course napping (I never come on the computer when she isn't - she is way too much into things!!). It is miserable and grey - I think we will stay in this afternoon (well until we have to pick O up!). I think F gets fed up of being in the car so much. The joys of being the second child!

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