Tuesday, 18 October 2005

One reason I love living here...

is the planes. We live about 10km as the crow flies from the airport and more importantly Airbus (they share the runway). The biggest event this year was the first take off of the new superjumbo - the A280. As usual for these big eveents we were on holiday (but watched avidly on the TV - sad but true). Then by sheer chance we were on the other side of the factory the following week, saw a crowd of people and stopped - just in time to see it take off for its second flight. Amazing. And so very quiet. We have seen it come over the house too. Indeed we get lots of test flights over the house.

From the kitchen window we can see in the distance the planes taking off or coming into land. Cool! We are far awayenough that we get all the joy without all the noise!!

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