Thursday, 13 October 2005

I guess I should introduce myself!


I am not even sure anyone will read this but it is perhaps a nice idea for me to get some thoughts on paper - a record of my life and that of my family!

So details - I am Mel, 37 years old and married to J. We have two children - a boy O who is four and a bit and a little girl F who is almost one. We are British (well we all have a British passport!) but we live in Toulouse in the south west of France. We have been here this time round since February 2003 and are settled here. I can't see us ever moving back to the UK - though never say never!

J works in the aeronautical industry (as most expats here seem to do in one way or another!!) and I am a SAHM. One day I would like to get back to work - what as is a different question and one I should explore in more depth another day! I used to be a lawyer but haven't done that since we left the UK back in the summer of 1996.

What do I like doing? J would probably say as little as possible and that is probably not far from the truth - not that I am lazy per se but I lack the motivation to do much - except baking and cooking in general!! I do love to read - trashy novels being the choice at the moment but I do occasionally read something that is far more intertesting and mind stretching! Though what doesn't immediately spring to mind! Travelling is another of my loves - probably part of the reason we have lived abroad for so long!

Of course my biggest love is my family! J and I have been married for 10 years - how time flies. We have our moments but in general we are very contented with the life we share. O is a sweetheart. He is such a kind and loving little boy. Currently we are having a few issues with being a bad sport but he is getting there! F is the most gorgeous contented little girl ever (not that I am at all biased). Her smile lights up a room. Now she is mobile you can really see her cheeky little personality shine through!

Ok - that will do for starters! Hopefully I will update this as much as I can - and hopefully it won't be too tedious for people to read - then again even if it is - tant pis

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