Monday, 17 October 2005

Another day, another week

The weekend always goes so quickly - then again if I am honest so does the week. Indeed I am still having problems believing that my little girl will soon be one - where did that year go to!

At school this morning I saw one of my friend's little baby boy who is just nine days old. I can't believe that F was ever that small but she was. He was lovely - with a headful of hair. Heck he probably has more hair that F does even now!! It was so lovely to see the baby - and I didn't have any envy pangs! I know our family is complete. F's pregnancy was hard and I really don't want to go through that again. Plus I am not getting any younger!!

So plans for today. Not much really! I have done two loads of laundry but the mist that was here this morning has just lifted to show grey skies! Might have to use the dryer! I have some veggies (parsnips, pumpkin and courgettes) roasting in the oven for F's lunch. After she has eaten I think we might drive over to Toysrus - a bit of a hike but I need some presents and it might be good to see what they have in stock! Dinner is easy tonight - reheated lasagne from yesterday for J and me and I will make a slamon lasagne for O that will aslo do as his lunch at school tomorrow!

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