Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Back to my roots!

Well my baking roots that is! I have hardly done any baking recently - with the return to work taking up much of my time I just haven't felt like it much! However this weekend I have no choice - I have to bake! First off on Saturday will be my Fridge Brownies - we are off to a Bonfire party and apparently the brownies have been requested by lots of people!

Sunday it is F's birthday party - there are five of her little shool friends plus two other friends who are coming. on the baking menu is a chocolate fudge cake (decorated with smarties - what else!), my mars bar cake (not sure if that really counts as baking) and some cookies (not yet decided what type!) Monday is her actual birthday - I am ever hopeful that my MIL who is looking after the two children on monday as we are both working will make one! Then on Tuesday I need to make a big enough cake for 27 children for her school party on Wednesday when they go back to school! I have booked a massage (a birthday present from J) on Wednesday morning - I might need it!

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