Monday, 17 September 2007

Into the groove

It is hard this work thing! Well not so much just the work but the juggling that goes on all around. I know I am not saying anything new and I am in a lucky position to live in a place that has a good pre-school care system and a husband who does a lot. Even so, I am tired!

F was up last night - not something that happens often but she needed a cuddle. Then this morning was the usual running around to get two children and one Mum out of the house to school. F at least did not start crying until we actually went INTO the garderie at school which is an improvement on last week! Then I rush down to near the Cite d'espace for the first lesson of the day. How I love seeing the rocket - silly really but it always signifies to me a world far outside of anything I can imagine! Then after that a dash into the office to get ready for the next group. It was so close this afternoon too but opening the windows isn't really an option as the office is near to the end of the runway! After that lesson i dashed home, got drenched getting the washing in and then out again o a meeting at school where I learnt a bit more about O will be doing this year. Poor lad is going to have to endure English lessons - though they did assure me they put him in the best group. I think the teacher will have to be creative to keep him involved as otherwise it is going to be so very very boring for him. he is also starting ice skating next week which he is so excited about! F had a better day - so we are slowly getting there with her!

Came home, had dinner and then the children had a quick bath. O then had homework - his writing has come on so much! He writes all joined up so easily!

Now thankfully they are fast asleep and I am relaxing for the first time! It is fun though - and not so far until pay day!!!

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Jo said...

Roll on pay day. You sound so invigorated. Great.