Saturday, 29 September 2007

Almost payday!

After six years with no payday, next week should see an small increase in our bank account THANKS TO ME!!! Woohoo!! It isn't much but it makes me feel happy to have contributed to the household finances. Work is going well - I think! I have five regular classes each week (12h of teaching) plus if there are any intensives then I may get additional hours too. While it doesn't sound much, with preparation time it is enough! The main thing is that I am enjoying it - even this week when I have been sick!

Talking of being sick, J took F back to the doctors today. despite the antibiotics her cough wasn't sounding any better - if anything it sounded worse. We were right to go - it has gone onto her chest. She has stronger antibiotics plus she is back on he becotide/ventoline route. On a plus note, she has a little friend in her class - Bertille (a girl - just in case you are wondering!!) I think finally she is enjoying school!

O had his first swim class today - he was, as usual, apprehensive beforehand but came out saying it was fantastic! I just hope that this is the push he needs to get him swimming properly and confidently. With a pool at home he should already be but J and i find it impossible to teach him and he gets lazy on us - though with others he will do so much more!

Happy weekend!


Robin said...

You mean 9.5 hours, not 912, right? That would be a little extreme for a p/t job LOL. Sounds like it's going beautifully though, however many hours it is.

I'm sorry to hear that poor F is still sick. I hope these meds do the trick. Yay to O about the swimming lesson. Itai can be the same way - won't let us teach him worth a damn, but is a star pupil with someone else.

Mel said...

Whoops - I would be a useless proof reader! It is 12 h a week LOL

Jo said...

Yes, hoping Miss F is better soon. And wtg on the earning front.