Thursday, 6 September 2007

Back to school - and work!

What a week!

First event was "la rentree" on Tuesday. Both children started at a new school - it is the local private Catholic school. We chose this school rather than the public one mainly because both children were on the same site and they understood the Montessori method - O was in a Montessori maternelle.

O was so excited - he is so keen to learn to read and write properly. He literally ran into school! Poor lad though was at the back of the class due to the children going in alphabetically - and we are at the end of the alphabet! Apparently O was struggling to understand (I think he panicked a little as his French is superb) but the teacher had the forethought to move him forward and since then he has been great!

F didn't cry either - on the first day but did yesterday and today! It is a big transition for her - full days every day and all in French! She did come home on day one with "I need a caca"!! I think once we leave she is fine!

Today was my big day too - back to work. I think it went well (well they haven't complained yet!) - I did let it slip I was my first day back at work so they may be giving me a sympathy vote!! J got the children to school OK - but we do need to work out how to use the garderie - it won't be every day and certainly should never be both morning and afternoon but we do need to get it sorted!

It is nice to be back at work - and feeling that I am contributing to the household finances! Not that J has ever been bothered by the fact that he was the sole contributor to the coffers but it did bother me! Roll on the first pay day!


Jo said...

Er, I just left a comment and it vanished. I'll bet you do feel good you coffer-filler you, I'm still a bludger. Glad to hear la rentree went okay. J

CresceNet said...
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Jania said...

Keep up the good work.