Saturday, 22 September 2007

The rentree bug

Usually it is the children who come down with a bug at the start of term - this time it is me! They have been coughing a little but nothing that bad that they have been complaining. Me, on the other hand, seems to have caught the flu. I should say that I am the ox in this family. All around me can be sick and I will be fine. This time my defences must be low as whatever I have has knocked me for six. I have just about managed to work bu today after a rough night (where I even decamped to the very uncomfortable spare bed)I have taken not one but TWO naps! Once this morning after encouraging O to watch TV (F was at gym with J) and then once F went for her nap (the boys have gone to an adventure park for the afternoon - we had tickets for it that needed to be used this weekend) I had another two hour nap - unheard of for me. I still feel completely wiped out and have resorted to letting F watch Dora!

Here's hoping that whatever is in my system is out of it soon. I hate feeling sick (and I am so not a good patient!) And fingers crossed that the children (or even worse J!!) don't get it!


Robin said...

That sounds miserable. Fingers crossed the kids and J don't get sick.

Get well soon Mel.

Jo said...

Hope you are all better soon. Hugs, J