Tuesday, 25 September 2007

It is the little things!

This morning I don't feel wonderful. I saw the doctor last night and I have bronchitus. Thankfully I am not working again until Thursday so I can put my feet up today and just relax!

After dropping the children off at school I went to the pharmacy to pick up my antibiotics and on the way back home, while waiting at the roundabout, a bus carrying O went past! He saw me and his grin was a sight to behold! Made my day! And why was he on a bus? His class has 8 weekly ice skating classes and today is the first class. He was so excited today!

Not to be left out, F also has a trip today - to a vineyard (start them young!!)to pick grapes!


Robin said...

I'm sorry you're still not feeling well, I hope it passes quickly. At least O's smile was able to perk you up a bit.

Jo said...

Get well soon. How cool to see O.

Poppy Fields said...

I love the field trips my girls go on with the schools here in france. Nothing like I did growing up in Northern Iowa, except maybe the ice-skating.