Wednesday, 1 February 2006

O's new speech therapist

O's speech therapist left last week on maternity leave so today was his first appointment with Ann-Sophie. It was her first appointment in the job too - poor love. She had a child whose name she had never seen before and to boot he was of British origin! Anyway - it must have gone OK as O gave her a kiss at the end of it!

I am not yet sure what I think of her - I don't stay for the appointments as the dual language makes it hard on O (he always speaks english with me). Time will tell!


AnJaka said...

Good day Mel, I want to introduce you a article site:
See u soon, Mel

Poppy Fields said...

Hi, I am over from Robin's site. My youngest daughter sees a speech therapist, too, here in france. I don't get to stay either. That wouldn't help as we have a simalar situation, english spoken with me the mom, and french with everyone else.

Mel said...

I know - indeed we have just started my almost 3yo with the same ST! My son has just finished and his speech is so vastly improved!

In our household we are completely English - so the ST is also a great way of improving their french!