Monday, 12 December 2005

An update

Of sorts!

It has been busy (well as busy as life ever gets for me as a SAHM!) I am gearing up for Christmas - presents are all bought! Now they just need wrapping - which will be a job in itself! I have no idea about Christmas dinner - we don't eat meat so I need to decide if we will have fish or a veggie option. Thinking about doing an onion tart! Different!

The children are great! O and I went to see "Chicken Little" at the cinema. O was a little scared in places (didn't like the aliens) but he wanted to stay and was happy to sit on my lap and cuddle up to me! He loved the Mummy time - bit of a Mummy's boy!

F is also doing well. Still not walking but she can climb anything! She is now standing hands free but not for too long! I don't worry about it - she will do it when she is good and ready! She is such a happy little camper - always smiling and giggling!

I am doing pretty well too. Get a bit overwhelmed at times but overall feeling fairly good.

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