Friday, 2 December 2005

It has been a while!

Bad me!! I come online every day but as not a lot happens I don't think to post!

This week we have had a friend's 14 year old son stay with us as he is doing work experience at the company J works for. So before he came I did an enormous bake - chocolate chip muffins, ginger cookies and maple syrup cookies so that there was enough for him to munch on. Fortunately he eats a good meal at the office so he hasn't eaten us out of house and home as yet!

F and I went to her first ever playgroup this morning. She loved it - especially the little mini trampoline they had in there. the downside is is that it is on the otherside of the city - so a good 30min drive. So whether we go again depends on F's wake up time! We had to rush home (she fell asleep in the car) and then I gave her an early lunch and then she went back to bed. She has fallen asleep again thankfully - or else she would be so grumpy!

O is so very excited - the advent calendars have arrived! This year he seems to understand the concept much much better! And it is doing wonders for his number recognition!! He also get's to open F's (she only has one because I bought one and my mum bought one!!) but he does hers in the evening whereas he opens his in the morning!

So now it is December better get working on Christmas!!

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