Friday, 25 November 2005

The weekend rolls round again

It seems to have flown by this week. I guess hardly seeing J has helped in that respect! Even O complained last night that I was doing the bath again (usually it is J) so J decided to go pick O up from school today. This is great as it means I can take F out and not have to watch the clock all the time. Still undecided where to go - need to go to the grocery store at the very least. I have made a list which does help enormously for me to actually get what I need!

It is miserable here today. It seems to have snowed in a lot of places in Europe but not so here. That is a shame as O would love to make a "bon homme de neige" as he calls snowmen!!! I do miss the snow - when we lived in Munich we had so much of it. Loved it!

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