Monday, 7 November 2005

Another week starts!

Time really does seem to whizz by - is that a sign that I am getting old!

I have spent the morning cooking (pumpkin stew for F and homemade cheese macaroni for the rest of us) and am just waiting for the oven to heat up enough to put in some maple syrup cookies.

The weekend was fun. I am not sure that f was very impressed with her birthday party - didn't like the fireworks at ALL and even spat out the chocolate cake I made (how dare she!!!) The rest of us enjoyed it - O was mesmorized by the fireworks and listened well to our instructions not to go too close.

Yesterday we went to our old neighbours for cake and coffee. F was much more impressed and wolfed down a mini pumpkin muffin! O loved the fairy cakes I had made - the little ornaments on the top went down a storm with all the chiildren.

I am currently pondering whether to make my cards for Christmas this year - i did last year and this year I would like to try something a little more adventurous - may be F and I can go to the craft store this afternoon for a look!

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