Thursday, 10 November 2005

Christmas questions

O has started the non-stop Christmas questions. It is all my fault as I have said to it many times when he has asked when Christmas is that it is after F's birthday - which has just passed. So now on EVERY drive to school I get asked:

Where does Father Christmas live? (but now he knows the answer to this thanks to Bob the Builder!!! - but he still asks me to try to catch me out)

How does he know where I live?

How does he get in the house?

Where do the reindeers land?

How do the reindeers know where to come?

How does he know where the Christmas tree is?

How does he get all the presents in his sleigh?

How does he manage to get to everyone's house?

I am sure there are more but he is just so fascinated by the whole thing - which is so lovely to see.

Tonight he wants to write his letter to father Christmas - might have to give his some guidance as the bulk of his presents have already been bought!

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