Thursday, 10 November 2005


My girl that is - what have I got to look forward to in the future !

This morning I gave F her now standard breakfast - weetabix with milk. She had about 5 spoonfuls and then closed her mouth and turned her head away and refused any more. So I get her out of the highchair and put her on the floor. I go get my breakfast (the same weetabix with the same milk) and sit down on the sofa. F spots me and speed crawls over, pulls herself up and opens her mouth. I give her a tiny bit and she opens her mouth again..... and again... and again. The little monkey ate about half a weetabix - the very same that not 5 minutes before she had refused

I can see some fun and games in the future (though I have to admit that I am known in my family for being EXACTLY the same)

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