Friday, 18 November 2005

It's the weekend...

Well almost!

I have absolutely no idea what we are going to do! The weather report is good - cold but blue skies. Perfect Winter weather! I would think that the search for pine cones will continue so that we can make some Christmas decorations. I would also like to go to one particular shop to get some things I need to make the Christmas cards. I really need to get those done as most of them are to be sent abroad and that always takes time! I think if I can get a snowflake cutter I will do a white snowflake on a silver background on either a red or green card. Simple but hopefully it will look nice!

Got J his main Christmas gift online last night - a set of remote headphones. He used his dads when we were there and really liked them! He knows I have got them - no secrets there! Then again I know what he is getting me too! Better that way as we both get what we really really would like! For me it is a Sony bridge digital camera - I love taking photos but our current digital is playing up! The flash takes ages to load.

I have banned O today from asking about Father Christmas - so instead we had 101 questions about Thomas the Tank Engine - not sure which one is worse!!! It is cute though - and he loves it so that is the main thing!

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