Thursday, 17 November 2005

And so the week continues

It can be quite difficult to write a blog when you don't actually do much!

F's ear infection has improved - and last night she slept through! Long may that continue! She has just started refusing "baby" food (well my homemade baby stews) and wants whatever her big brother has. Dinner was so funny. When we got to dessert she had a yoghurt. But as soon as she saw that O had a fairy cake we had made yesterday she wanted that. So J gave her a tiny piece but she didn't finish it as O moved onto his compote! She wanted the tube it was in so when he had finished O gave it to her and started on HIS yoghurt - which F then wanted. We shouldn't encourage her but it was so cute to see her personality shine through all this!

She really is such a happy little camper. At O's school today she had about 6 adults fawning over her as she played to the audience! A show-off on my hands. Perhaps - but a very cute one at that!!!

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