Monday, 12 November 2007


O is a demon jigsaw puzzler - has been since he was about 18m old. He seems to have an eye for the right shape. F, on the other hand, had never seemed bothered. She was always more interested in throwing the jigsaw pieces all over the play. Until last week that is! For her birthday she got three Dora puzzles. Have I ever said how obsessed she is by Dora. The really funny thing is though that she is not that bothered about watching her! Anyway - to get back to the point - suddenly she is doing these 20 piece puzzles on her own with ease! Me thinks I need to try to find one that is a bit more challenging while she is enjoying doing them!

Completely off subject too I have to say how blown away we were by F's work book from school - in a short 2 months she is coming on in leaps and bounds. Not bad for a little girl who went into petite section with very little French!

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Robin said...


Itai's never been into puzzles, and truthfully I can't stand them, so I was really shocked when Maya got a 20 or 30 piece one for her birthday and sat down and got right to it. She must do them in school.