Saturday, 24 November 2007

Soups and Cake!

J is on a diet. He went to see the doctor this week as he needed a new prescription for his asthma drugs. She commented that he could do with losing some weight. He isn't fat per se but he probably could do with losing a bit. He will never be a skinny minny - he hasn't got the frame for it! So he is calorie counting and trying to cut out all the sugary treats. I am doing my bit by making soups each night - we both like soups (shame I can't tempt the children - have tried on many occasions to no avail!), they are easy to make and fairly good on the calorie front (especially if I don't add cream!!). Tonight it is going to be a veggie and bean broth - no recipe just a bit of chuck in and see!

However I am also at the moment baking a spiced pear cake - I just felt like baking and am tired of always doing chocolate cakes - plus I had just bought a load of pears. It is in the oven as I speak and it smells lovely! J will just have to resist! Or hope that the children eat it quickly!!


Robin said...

Yum, soups are one of my favorite winter things. Good luck to J with his diet.

PS I think something's gone wonky with the board, it's not loading.

Mel said...

It is for me (Moms board I am guessing LOL!!) - strange!

Anonymous said...

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