Monday, 2 January 2006


We managed to get the children in bed at a reasonable hour and my parents went about 9pm. J and I waited until about 11pm until we put the gifts out - I was worried about O coming out as he was so excited and I didn't want to spoil the Christmas dream for him.

In the morning he woke up at 7.10am. All we could hear was him say "Wow, Mummy daddy, Father Christmas has come!" In our family we do the gifts one at a time - and what was cute was that F soon worked out that the pink gifts were for her. While theer seemed to be a lot of gifts there actually was a reasonable number and I feel we didn't go OTT. The star gifts included a cheap plastic pretend camera for O, a box of wooden blocks for F which we have all played with, a new camera for me and J's cordless headphones. My parents were thrilled with the DVD player we got for them.

Dinner was an onion tart - not very traditional but as we don't do meat it was perfect! We all ate way too much! O loved the crackers but I don't think f was too impressed!

My parents went home the next day and we all just vegged out and played with the toys.

Tuesday we went to IKEA - and as often happens saw someone there we hadn't seen for 6 years! Good to exchange numbers!

Wednesday our old neighbours came round. O had a paddy because they hadn't wrapped his present. I had words with him about being grateful and he soon came round.

Friday we went to my parents to set the DVD played up for them. Mum made us proper British fish, chips and mushy peas - wonderful!

New Year's Eve was a bit of a non-event as usual!

Sunday we had more friends round for lunch - that was as nice as it always is with them!

And that brings us to today - last day of the holidays before O goes back to school tomorrow!

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