Monday, 2 January 2006


As promised not one minute ago!

O finished school on the 16th - seemed really early but I guess that is what you get for Christmas being on the weekend. His school had a party which was fun - way too much food as usual though all my brownies went!!!

On the Sunday O, F and I went up to my parents while J studied for an assignment for his MBA. As usual it was lovely to see them. O stayed with them (heck as soon as lunch was over he kept asking when F and I were going to leave!) and only returned on Wednesday. It was nice to have some time with just F and not have to have our day dictated to by the school run! Friday O and I went to his best friend's 5th birthday party. It was bitterly cold but didn't stop them playing outside! O loves parties!

Christmas Eve we went to a local forest. it was a glorious day - blue skies and warmish. We collected pinecones which poor old me had to then lug around. Then again J was carried F in the Bjorn!! In the late afternoon my parents came over for Christmas. Will start a new post for Christmas!

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