Tuesday, 31 January 2006

Wow - that was quick!

January that is. It only seems like two minutes since it was Christmas day!

The last few days we have had snow (well it has actually melted now). O was delighted - he was dressed and out as soon as he realised that there was that white stuff outisde. He built a great snowman! The snow lasted over 2 days - which is unheard of for here. On the rare occasions we do get it it is gone by midday. It was good it was the weekend as that meant that O got the most out of it!

The snow pretty much dominated the weekend - we just went out to the local shops on Saturday and walked to the Sunday market the day after. Though O did go to a birthday party. J took him so that he could nip into the office for a while! He is working way too hard at the minute - but he is enjoying himself which is great!

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