Wednesday, 22 August 2007


This has to be one of both my children's favourite foods - it is just such a shame that they both don't like them "cooked" the same way - indeed both refuse to eat the other "form"! O is a felafal boy - just loves them stuffed in a pitta with ketchup! F, on the other hand, will have the pitta but with "houhou" - or houmous to the rest of us! I have tried to get them both to accept that they are just the same but they look different but so far I am having no luck!

I see a joint cookery lesson coming up but knowing my two even that won't encourage them to eat the other!!


Robin said...

Felafel with KETCHUP??? Heathen!

Jo said...

I love both. My two will only eat hou hou though. And I agree with Robin, O is as big a heathen as M who would eat ketchup with everything if allowed LOL.

Robin said...

LOL. Itai will eat ketchup on cucumbers, god help me, but even he draws the line at ketchup on felafel.

You'll both have to bring your boys over here one day to eat a proper felafel, served with hou hou and tehina.