Sunday, 26 August 2007

Party Bags

I HATE party bags! I really really hate them. However I also love my son far more and party bags were an essential party of his birthday celebrations today! Me being me though decided that I could not possibly give them in those horrible plastic bags that are the only option here (and believe me I have searched for an alternative!) So I made them - sixteen green paper bags with a very furry handle. It took me about 4 hours and a lot of swearing! Then the next dilemma - what to put in them. I hate the high E numbered sweets that seem to be compulsory and all those little bits of plastic junk and instead ended up with some chocolate and a playdoh dome (on special offer!)

Were they appreciated - oh yes! Would they still have been equally appreciated if they had been plastic bags full of E numbers and junk - sadly probably!


Robin said...

You MADE the bags? Wow, V V impressive. I just go for the horrible plastic ones (though as you know all my OTT tendencies go in the direction of the cake LOL).

No idea what E sweets are, but your bags sound much nicer and I'm sure O was thrilled to give them out.

Jo said...

Horrible haribo. BLECH. My kids won't eat them, thank God, as they taste gross. Love the sound of the non-plastic bags and a happy birthday to O!

I just hate the concept of party bags full stop. And kids who ask for them? LOVELY, NOT!


Mel said...

As Jo said Robin - those horrible brightly coloured sweets that are packed with lots and lots of E numbers!! Lovely NOT - and thankfully my two hate them too!