Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Clearing out

J is on the third week of his holidays and we haven't been away. But we have been making good use of the time to have a good clear out - neither of us like clutter. J's pet peeve is when his garage (note I say "his" - it is very much his part of the house - just like the kitchen is mine!) is in a mess. We are very lucky to have a double garage with lots of extra room but with two cars that we always park in there each night, the sit on mower, six bikes, several lots of shelving and all the old baby paraphalnilia something had to give!

By chance we discovered a shop that buys your unwanted errrr treasures! So we managed to offload the bulky old baby stuff (highchair, travel cot, rucksack, etc) and actually get money from it! Not that much but as we would have been happy enough to give it away if we actually knew anyone who was pregnant and didn't already have all the gear we were quite happy! We were planning to go out and have lunch with the proceeds as O is at daycamp and F is at my ILs for the day - but I seem to have got a stomach virus (or I have eaten something dodgy) and so didn't feel up to it (I do now after a good clearout!!!)


Jo said...

I need a good clearout too, but I can only usually bring myself to tidy not purge.

Robin said...

I started to purge, but as long as we're still sitting on the "one more child or not" fence I'm fairly limited in what I can get rid of.

Mel said...

Unless we have a whoops I know we are finished LOL And now we have got rid of most of the stuff we better not have a whoops!!!!