Monday, 2 February 2009

Flying high!

I was working out of a different office this morning which necessitated me taking a completely different route than normal!

This being Toulouse and the very fact I was skirting the airport I shouldn't have been surprised by what I saw but somehow I was. It was the A380 - something I see daily as it lands at the airport (my office is at one end of the runway!!) but this one was parked and at such an angle that at first I could just see the nose and wings - and that made me really appreciate its size and marvel at the fact that this beast flies!

Two minutes later I passed another icon of the aviation world - Concorde. I have seen this one many times - but even so I am always amazed at how small it is and how it has never been rivalled as far as speed goes! It is just a shame that I will never fly on it!


poppy fields said...

I am a little wary of the day I fly in an just doesn't seem possible that one of those can get off the ground.

Mel said...

Believe me it does with ease! Seeing one take off is incredible. The first time I saw it take off was the second ever flight! As it went down the runway I thought no way and then it was up - a long way from the end of the runway!!