Sunday, 1 February 2009


I am really not very good at this blog lark am I? It is now nearly a year since I last posted! And when looking at my blog I was amazed to see that in fact I started the blog in 2005. Where does the time go!

So what has happened here in the last 12months?

I have started working 4/5th at the company I was at - I don't work Wednesdays! I don't do so much teaching, mainly admin. My boss is very flexible which helps me a lot!

J has a new job too - that means we basically don't see him during he week. Hard on him and us.

The children are doing very well. O is doing very well at school (he saves his bad behavoir for home). He loves reading - the french version of the Famous Five being his current favourite. F is just getting over a gastro (poor love). She isn't convinced about school but seems to be doing well - is starting to have good letter recognition and can write her letters!

OK - that will do for a start!!

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