Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Holiday plans

Or lack of that should be!

We can't make our mind up in the first place if we should actually go on holiday this summer. Last summer we went to Munich and then on to the German Alps and had a good time. It was tiring though - he children were boisterous to say the least and bickered every night as hey were sharing a room. For the New Year we went skiing in the French Alps. We stayed this time in a hotel which we liked a lot. However I don't think our budget will stretch to a hotel this time, especially for two weeks. Added to that J is hopeless at sitting down to discuss it!!

I think if we do go it will be in France - and probably the beach because we haven't had a beach holiday in a long time! If it is the beach - then I much prefer the Atlantic coast. I don't know why but the Med coast has never really done it for me! I know the children would love a beach holiday.

Off on a tangent but I managed to see how many airmiles J has on his AF card today - he never gets statements so we had no idea really! Anyway, here is enough for a return flight with Europe - now where could I go!!!!!


Robin said...

A beach holiday sounds lovely. Will you take a villa or camp?

We just booked our tickets for the pilgrimage back to the States to visit my folks. Sadly though with neither of us traveling for business these days it was all straight out of pocket.

Mel said...

Probably an apartment - a villa on the beach would be too expensive! We are lucky in that J's company's staff council (which is obligatory in France for companies over a certain size - and the company has to pay in a certain % of their wage bill)subsidizes quite a lot of holidays - certain brands like club med (way too expensive though even with a subsidary!!) for example!

When are you off to the States?