Sunday, 1 February 2009

What a week!

As I can hear the wind blowing outside again, it reminded me to wite about the last week!

Last weekend, the south west had a big storm - power was lost to many many households, ours included. It eventually came back on 60h later. In the meantime, school was cancelled (they didn't have power either!!) thankfully a dear friend took the children as my ILs didn't have any power either. We ended up sleeping at our friends (though the power did come back late Monday evening)

Tuesday was thankfully normal until I picked the children up from school to find out that the schol was closed on Thursday due to the strike - this was the first time it has happened as generally private schools don't strike. My MIL agreed to have the children so I took them up on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday I got call from my MIL - F was throwing up! Poor love had a gastro. By Friday she was still throwing up - and was very lethargic so my MIL called me at work and we agreed to get her to the doctors! So I left work early and we saw the doctor - thankfully since then she has got better and is much better today!

So last week O had two days and F only one day at school! Hopefully next week they will be there for all 4 days as the week after that it is yet again the school holidays - again!!


Robin said...

Welcome back Mel :-), sounds like you picked quite a week for your big return, too.

60 hours without power in the winter, followed by gastro? What a nightmare!

Hope F is feeling better now. Is O reading in English too or is he balking? We have that issue with Itai - his Hebrew reading is great, but he really fights the English, despite speaking it at home and learning in school. His English reading is progressing, but despite him, not because of him LOL.

Mel said...

We haven't really attacked English at all! Orally he is fluent in both, but lacks vocabulary at times in French (normal his teacher says!) I am just happy that he loves to read - I did as a child and found it a great escape!